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Introductory Rite:
God, come to my assistance R/ Lord, make haste to help me.
Glory to the Father and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit:
R/ as it was in the beginning, is now, and will be for ever. Amen. Alleluia.

Refrain: The King of glory comes, the nation rejoices.
Open the gates before Him, lift up your voices.

Who is the King of glory: what shall we call Him?
He is Emmanuel, the promised of ages.


In all of Galilee, in city or village,
He goes among his people, curing their illness.


Sing then of David’s son, our Savior and brother,
In all of Galilee was never another.


He gave His life for us, the pledge of salvation,
He took upon Himself the sins of the nation.


He conquered sin and death; he truly has risen,
And He will share with us his heavenly vision.


Antiphon 1: Those who sow in tears will reap in joy.

When the Lord delivered Zion from bondage,
it seemed like a dream.
Then was our mouth filled with laughter,
on our lips there were songs.

The heathens themselves said: “What marvels
the Lord worked for them!”
What marvels the Lord worked for us!
Indeed we were glad.

Deliver us, O Lord, from our bondage
as streams in dry land.
Those who are sowing in tears
will sing when they reap.

They go out, they go out, full of tears,
carrying seed for the sowing:
they come back, they come back, full of song,
carrying their sheaves. Glory…

Psalm Prayer: Lord, you have raised us from the earth; may you let the seeds of justice, which we have sown in tears, grow and increase in your sight. May we reap in joy the harvest we hope for patiently. 

Antiphon 1: Those who sow in tears will reap in joy.

Antiphon 2  May the Lord build our house and guard our city.

If the Lord does not build the house,
in vain do its builders labor;
if the Lord does not watch over the city,
in vain does the watchman keep vigil.

In vain is your earlier rising,
your going later to rest,
you who toil for the bread you eat,
when he pours gifts on his beloved while they slumber.

Truly sons are a gift from the Lord,
a blessing, the fruit of the womb.
Indeed the sons of youth
are like arrows in the hand of a warrior.

O the happiness of the man
who has filled his quiver with these arrows!
He will have no cause for shame
when he disputes with his foes in the gateways. Glory…

Psalm Prayer: You command the seed to rise, Lord God, though the farmer is unaware. Grant that those who labor for you may trust not in their own work but in your help. Remembering that the land is brought to flower not with human tears but with those of your Son, may the Church rely only upon your gifts.

Antiphon 2  May the Lord build our house and guard our city.

.Antiphon 3 He is the first-born of all creation; in every way the primacy is his.

Let us give thanks to the Father
for having made you worthy
to share the lot of the saints
in light.

He rescued us
from the power of darkness
and brought us
into the kingdom of his beloved Son.
Through him we have redemption,
the forgiveness of our sins.

He is the image of the invisible God,
the first-born of all creatures.
In him everything in heaven and on earth was created,
things visible and invisible.

All were created through him;
all were created for him.
He is before all else that is.
In him everything continues in being.

It is he who is head of the body, the church;
he who is the beginning,
the first-born of the dead,
so that primacy may be his in everything.

It pleased God to make absolute fullness reside in him
and, by means of him, to reconcile everything in his person,
both on earth and in the heavens,
making peace through the blood of his cross.  Glory….

.Antiphon 3 He is the first-born of all creation; in every way the primacy is his.

Opening Prayer (All Stand)
Liturgy of the Word

Let us pray to God the Father, who sent his Son to bring us endless peace:               

Lord, your kingdom come.

Father most holy, look kindly on your Church,
 – come and visit this vine which your own right hand has planted.

Be mindful, Lord, of all the sons of Abraham,
 – fulfill the promises you made to their fathers.

Merciful God, look kindly upon men and women of every race,
 – may they honor you for your goodness.

Eternal Shepherd, visit the sheep of your flock,
 – and gather them together into one fold.

Remember those who have gone forth from this world in your peace,
 – lead them into glory with your Son.

Grant, we pray, almighty God,
that the coming solemnity of your Son
may bestow healing upon us in this present life
and bring us the rewards of life eternal.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
God, for ever and ever.

Lord’s PrayerPater noster, qui es in cælisSanctificétur nomen tuumAdvéniat regnum tuumFiat volúntas tuaSicut in cælo et in terraPanem nostrum quotidiánum da nobis hódie
Et dimítte nobis débita nostraSicut et nos dimíttimus debitóribus nostris
Et ne nos indúcas in tentatiónemSed libera nos a malo

MAGNIFICAT (Canticle of Mary)
Antiphon: MAGNIFICAT (Canticle of Mary)

Antiphon: The law will go forth from Zion; the word of the Lord from Jerusalem. 

My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord
my spirit sings to God, my saving God,
who on this day above all others favored me
and raised me up, a light for all to see.

Through me great deeds will God make manifest,
and all the earth will come to call me blest.
Unbounded love and mercy sure will I proclaim
for all who know and praise God´s holy name.

God´s mighty arm, protector of the just,
will guard the weak and raise them from the dust.
But mighty kings will swiftly fall from thrones corrupt.
The strong brought low, the lowly lifted up.

Soon will the poor and hungry of the earth
be richly blest, be given greater worth.
And Israel, as once foretold to Abraham,
will live in peace throughout the promised land.

All glory be to God, Creator blest,
to Jesus Christ, God´s love made manifest,
and to the Holy Spirit, gentle Comforter,
all glory be, both now and ever more.

Antiphon: The law will go forth from Zion; the word of the Lord from Jerusalem. 

Final Blessing and Dismissal