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Our Lady of Lourdes

Welcome to our beautiful parish in Yigo, Guam, U.S.A.
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Worship Aids and Prayer Guides


Weekdays: 6 am (Indoors, outdoors, & live-streamed)

Sunday Masses
Saturday Vigil: 6 pm (Indoors, outdoors, & live-streamed)
6 am CHAMORU (Indoors, outdoors, & live-streamed)
8 am (Indoors, outdoors, & live-streamed)
10 am (Indoors & outdoors)
1 pm (Indoors & outdoors)
6 pm (Indoors, outdoors, & live-streamed)

Confessions: By appointment during COVID-19.

The Catholic Faith. On demand.

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Creation . Redemption . Restoration .

“Go and make disciples.” Mt. 28:25