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Introductory Rite:
God, come to my assistance R/ Lord, make haste to help me.
Glory to the Father and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit:
R/ as it was in the beginning, is now, and will be for ever. Amen. Alleluia.

Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creation!
O my soul, praise Him, for He is thy health and salvation!
All ye who hear,
now to His temple draw near;
Praise Him in glad adoration.

Praise to the Lord, who doth prosper thy work and defend thee;
Surely His goodness and mercy here daily attend thee.
Ponder anew
what the Almighty can do,
If with His love He befriend thee.

Praise to the Lord, O let all that is in me adore Him!
All that hath life and breath, come now with praises before Him.
Let the Amen
sound from His people again,
Now as we worship before him.

Antiphon 1  I, the Lord, am your savior and redeemer, alleluia.

Psalm 135


Praise the name of the Lord,
praise him, servants of the Lord,
who stand in the house of the Lord
in the courts of the house of our God.

Praise the Lord for the Lord is good.
Sing a psalm to his name for he is loving.
For the Lord has chosen Jacob for himself
and Israel for his own possession.

For I know that the Lord is great,
that our Lord is high above all gods.
The Lord does whatever he wills,
in heaven, on earth, in the seas.

He summons clouds from the ends of the earth;
makes lightning produce the rain;
from his treasuries he sends forth the wind.

The first-born of the Egyptians he smote,
of man and beast alike.
Signs and wonders he worked
in the midst of your land, O Egypt,
against Pharaoh and all his servants.

Nations in their greatness he struck
and kings in their splendor he slew.
Sihon, king of the Amorites,
Og, the king of Bashan,
and all the kingdoms of Canaan.
He let Israel inherit their land;
on his people their land he bestowed. Glory…

Antiphon 1 I, the Lord, am your savior and redeemer, alleluia.

Antiphon 2  Blessed is the kingdom of David our father which has come among us, alleluia. 


Lord, your name stands for ever,
unforgotten from age to age,
for the Lord does justice for his people;
the Lord takes pity on his servants.

Pagan idols are silver and gold,
the work of human hands.
They have mouths but they cannot speak;
they have eyes but they cannot see.

They have ears but they cannot hear;
there is never a breath on their lips.
Their makers will come to be like them
and so will all who trust in them!

Sons of Israel, bless the Lord!
Sons of Aaron, bless the Lord!
Sons of Levi, bless the Lord!
You who fear him, bless the Lord!

From Zion may the Lord be blessed,
he who dwells in Jerusalem! Glory…

Psalm Prayer:Father, your name and your memory last forever. We stand to pray and praise you with psalms of joy. We ask you in your kindness to have mercy on us in our lowliness

Antiphon 2  Blessed is the kingdom of David our father which has come among us, alleluia. 

Antiphon 3  Let us sing to the Lord, glorious in his triumph, alleluia. 

Revelation 15:3-4

Mighty and wonderful are your works,
Lord God Almighty!
Righteous and true are your ways,
O King of the nations!

Who would dare refuse you honor,
or the glory due your name, O Lord?

Since you alone are holy,
all nations shall come
and worship in your presence.
Your mighty deeds are clearly seen. Glory…

Antiphon 3  Let us sing to the Lord, glorious in his triumph, alleluia. 

Opening Prayer
All sit for the Liturgy of the Word.
After the Homily:

INTERCESSIONS (Universal Prayer)
Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. Let us praise him, and say:
          Son of the living God, bless your people.

We pray to you, Lord Jesus, for all the ministers of your Church.
  –  As they break for us the bread of life, may they themselves receive nourishment and strength.

We pray for the whole Christian people, that all may be worthy of their calling,
  –   and safeguard their unity in the spirit by the bond of peace.

We pray for those who govern us, that they may temper justice with mercy,
  –  and promote harmony and peace throughout the world.

We pray for ourselves that our hearts may be purified to sing your praises in the communion of saints;
 may we be reunited with our deceased brothers and sisters, whom we commend to your loving kindness.

Grant, we pray, almighty God,
that we, who have come to know
the grace of the Lord’s Resurrection,
may, through the love of the Spirit,
ourselves rise to newness of life.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
God, for ever and ever.
(All are seated for the Liturgy of the Eucharist)

Lord’s PrayerPater noster, qui es in cælis Sanctificétur nomen tuumAdvéniat regnum tuum Fiat volúntas tuaSicut in cælo et in terraPanem nostrum quotidiánum da nobis hódie Et dimítte nobis débita nostraSicut et nos dimíttimus debitóribus nostris Et ne nos indúcas in tentatiónemSed libera nos a malo.

Communion Song:
Refrain: Korason Såntos, maila’ gue’ ham.
Yan i rainonmu, po’luyi ham.
Bo’bo’ guinaiya, gofli’e’ ham.
I korasonmu, fa’nu’i ham. (2x)
O linangitan Guma’ Yu’os, O adoråyon ha’of Jesus. I korasonmu sinen Yu’os
Dinilok lånsa gi kilu’os. (2x) Refrain

Todu i te’lang gi tataotao.
Ha na’taimåktos, tumuna hao.
Rai i manånghet yan i taotao,
I korasonhu, hu nå’i hao! (2x) Refrain

After Holy Communion, all stand for the Benedictus.

MAGNIFICAT (Canticle of Mary)

Antiphon: Our crucified and risen Lord has redeemed us, alleluia.

(#825, Breaking Bread – Luke 1: Magnificat by Bernadette Farrell)

My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord my spirit sings to God, my saving God, who on this day above all others favored me and raised me up, a light for all to see.

Through me great deeds will God make manifest, and all the earth will come to call me blest. Unbounded love and mercy sure will I proclaim for all who know and praise God #s holy name.

God’s mighty arm, protector of the just,
will guard the weak and raise them from the dust.
But mighty kings will swiftly fall from thrones corrupt. The strong brought low, the lowly lifted up.

Soon will the poor and hungry of the earth
be richly blest, be given greater worth.
And Israel, as once foretold to Abraham,
will live in peace throughout the promised land.

All glory be to God, Creator blest,
to Jesus Christ, God’s love made manifest, and to the Holy Spirit, gentle Comforter, all glory be, both now and ever more

Antiphon: Our crucified and risen Lord has redeemed us, alleluia.

Sending Forth Song:
O Sacred Heart! O Love Divine!
Do keep us near to Thee;
And make our love so like to Thine
That we may holy be.
Refrain: Heart of Jesus hear!
O heart of Love Divine!
Listen to our Prayer;
Make us alway Thine.

O Temple pure! O House of gold!Our heaven here belowWhat sweet delight, what wealth untold,From Thee do ever flow. (Refrain)